by Leif Erlingsson

Is the 1:st book of the Torah, the Genesis = The Beginning, a mathematical code for our physical universe?

Stan Tenen:

This isn’t a jealous God of a petty people who says, ‘My God is bigger and better than your God because it’s my God and it’s the one God because I say so’.  That’s not what we are saying here.  I’m saying that we are starting with a definition of singularity and wholeness.  Definitions are not the basis of prejudice.  It’s a postulate.  Putting it down to see how good it is.  Does it give us anything?  And if we look for the means of spanning between the one and the many, we have a path that includes everything in the universe.  Now, modern physics attempts a bottom-up reconstruction.  To take all the diversity we find, all the forces in the world, and pump the energy up until things merge together and eventually we can extrapolate and find the Big Bang.
The one, from the many.
And I’m saying we can do this abstractly.  We can do this topologically, in principle.  Without any electron microscopes, and cyclotrons and super computers.  We can start top-down by definitions.  Start with singularity, break it up by minimal first distinction, and end up with all there is.  And it’s my guess, and this is still a guess, that one way or another, in an extraordinary elegant way, perhaps the most elegant possible, that’s what the sequence of letters in the Hebrew Bible really represents.

(Quoted from 24 minutes into the film “First Light: An Introduction to Meru Foundation by Stan Tenen“.)

Note that if Stan Tenen is right about the Torah as an encoding of ancient truth, and about the Jewish religion as [‘just’] the container for this inner truth, this in no way contradicts my earlier blogging “Something seismic happening“.  Though it does give credit to the fundamentalism as a time-container that has now served it’s purpose, and can be pensioned off with a gold a medal for long and faithful service, or something.


by Leif Erlingsson

CV   Leif Erlingsson’s Metamorphosis Escape from the Box

Work experience

Ericsson Telecom AB    1979-07    1984-03    Test engineer
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and construction of IC test fixtures.
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Research experience

Have participated in my brother’s research work — Ulf Erlingsson, Geomorphological development of the bottoms off Österlen, southernmost Sweden, UNGI Report Nr 76, Uppsala University Department of Physical Geography, 1990, 136 pages.  I am mentioned twice in the report, both as field assistant (p. iii; the diver in the photograph on page 85 is me (depth 36 meters), though no name is mentioned under the image), and also as having “assisted with much valuable advice in the construction of the Sedimeter electronics“, a patented invention of Ulf Erlingsson used in the surveys. (p.iii.)  More on these kinds of surveys at

Metamorphosis Escape from the Box

My “Escape from the Box” started with me (in 1988) entering a deeper box, that of a closed religious thinking.  I locked my thinking from the inside, and therefore I now understand how that works to prevent independent information from entering anyone’s closemindedness.  I now understand why noone can unlock anyone else’s closemindedness from the outside — only gently invite.  The post-9/11 world events in 2002 and 2003 provided the trigger and the environment for my own re-awakening, and later escape from the box of conventional thinking.  The hypocracy of the religious organization made me gingerly open my own mind from the inside, for independent information from outside ‘non-approved sources’.  I deprogrammed from the closeminded religious thinking and left the religious organization in 2004, as a most important milestone in the process started around September 2002, that led to my eventual deprogramming and escape altogether from the box of conventional thinking.

My questioning and extensive personal research and networking started with the questioning of official political reality, but it didn’t stop there or anywhere.  I became one of the major Swedish 9/11 conspiracy theoreticians, following my 2005 conclusion that the official 9/11 story was important to defuse.  I have made major attempts to get the real story out in Sweden, but with limited success.

I expand my networking to include new perspectives and ideas.  Including the Kreaprenör® network.  I was awarded an honorary membership of The Telesio – Galilei Academy of Science in 2007, following my article “Crisis of Imagination” from 2007-12-05.  ( .  Area: Hadronic Mathematics, Mechanics and Chemistry. )

I have collected texts that document my awakening process at and at .

Connecting people

Having soon concluded that the powers that be operate through putting the lid on information flow, I concluded that the most effective method to work for change would be to identify people that would boost eachother if connected, and connect them.  This I have been doing for years now.  It has also been done for me, of course.  It works both ways.

One of my contacts [… Edited 2015-05-15:  To protect the privacy of some people, tree sentences have here been removed.]  I have deep sympathy for the peoples that have gotten in the way of the western imperialistic power game vs. the new eastern bloc along the line South of the old East Bloc, Russia, China, North-Korea.  This of course include the old Yugoslavians, Palestinians, Iraqis, Iranians (threat of war), Afghanistans, etc.  I do not approve of war.  It makes puppets of all of us.  I have often and repeatedly expressed my support for the oppressed and my disgust with the western war lies.  I also network with those who network with the political opposition to western influence in some countries.

Here I should mention my brother Dr. Ulf Erlingsson now living in the United States, who is politically fairly well versed after having been the National Globalizations Issues Coordinator and also the Miami-Dade Coordinator in the Kucinich for President campaign of 2004 (Congressman Dennis J. Kucinich of Cleveland, Ohio).  He was also active in the Barack Obama campaign, Google “Barack Obama” “Dr. Ulf Erlingsson” for more on that.  It was actually my brother Ulf who in September 2002 provided me with the initial trigger that started my re-awakening and awakening process, see “Metamorphosis Escape from the Box” above.

I have a number of close friends with deep personal insights from family background and other connections into how the politics and the world is really run.  I understand that “Democracy” as it is practiced today is all too often only a Con-game.  But also that with a conscious public it is potentially a very good thing.  Tearing apart the “vast tapestry of lies, upon which we feed” requires what Nobel Prize winner in Literature 2005, British playwright Harold Pinter, in the same Nobel Lecture “Art, Truth & Politics” that I just quoted from, describes as an “unflinching, unswerving, fierce intellectual determination, as citizens, to define the real truth of our lives and our societies is a crucial obligation which devolves upon us all.”  For this he was labeled a “political idiot.”  May we all become “political idiots,” in this world where politics is insane.


I am intuitive, and have learnt to trust my intuition.  Additionally I have a few very intuitive friends who often provide very interesting leads to follow up.  One of my friends have even trained himself into a Remote Viewer, a psychic espionage technique developed by the U.S. military, whereby awareness is non-locally moved in time and place to whatever is of interest.  It’s far from 100% accurate, but combined with normal methods for confirmation very useful e.g. to find dead people, etc.  I mention this to demonstrate that I am open to the non-local aspects of reality.  Having extensively studied the writings of Lt. Col Thomas E. Bearden (retd.), I also understand theoretically how this can work physically.  (Books at .)  I made key quotes from one of Bearden’s shorter books to illustrate the theory, in “All is One“, 2009-04-05, .

Contact:  +46  (0)709 14 06 31, +46 (0)8 778 50 38,

Leif Erlingsson    (Also see  and


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edited by Leif Erlingsson

“In short, Maxwell’s original quaternion theory was already a unified field theory of gravitation and electromagnetics — it was a testable and engineerable theory of electrogravitation.” (Thomas E. Bearden, Gravitobiology, 1991, endnote 52, p.71.)

“Ironically, [James Clerk] Maxwell in 1873 had already written a theory that embodied David Bohm’s hidden variables, which Bohm would produce three quarters of a century later.  In addition, Maxwell had already falsified the relativity theory that Einstein was to produce four decades later, for Maxwell’s infolding of EM [Electro Magnetic] forces into a gravitational potential had already curved — and deterministically structured — local spacetime.” (Thomas E. Bearden, Gravitobiology, 1991, endnote 52, p.72.)

“It is simply incredible when hundreds of thousands of Western PhDs are graduated in electrical physics and electrical engineering, and hardly a single one knows that what he was taught as “Maxwell’s equations” were not Maxwell’s equations at all: not a single one of those Heaviside/Gibbs critters ever appeared in a book or paper by James Clerk Maxwell.  And almost nobody checks!  Almost no one goes back to Maxwell’s quaternion theory to see whether or not Heaviside and Gibbs got it right in their vector interpretation.  With the exception of Dr. Henry Monteith, and a few notable other scientists, almost no one in the West seems to have previously noticed that Maxwell’s original quaternion theory was already the magic unified field theory of G [gravity] and EM [electromagnetism] that everyone is supposedly seeking!  And it’s already in an engineerable format.  You can engineer it on the lab bench and it works.” (Thomas E. Bearden, Gravitobiology, 1991, p.59.)

“In his 1903 Mathematische Annalen paper, Whittaker demonstrates a standing, spatially-fixed wave of pure potential, but one with an infolded, highly dynamic, hidden EM [Electro Magnetic] forcefield substructure containing hidden bidirectional pairs of EM waves/energy.  …  in each pair of infolded EM waves, the two coupled waves flow in opposite direction inside the standing potential wave.  Further, their speed is not limited to the normal speed of light in vacuum.  In each pair, the two waves are multiplied together.  Hence they modulate each other, locking together into graviton waves, rather than photon waves.  Each paired EM planar wave couplet is a hidden EM stress energy channel in vacuum spacetime, and in this channel EM energy flows in either direction — in fact, in both directions at once.  Further, there is continual constructive and destructive interference of these two waves, yielding continual coupling into pairs of photons and decoupling into photon/antiphoton pairs.  In short, continual creation and annihilation of spin-2 gravitons is occurring.  A scalar potential, then, is composed of this dynamic structure.  Taking the Whittaker approach to the lowest level possible, this author has previously presented a unified field development of photon/antiphoton structures inside gravitons, unifying gravitation and electromagnetics at the most fundamental level — that of the quantum particles of the fields.  …  The bottom line is this:  There are two kinds of electromagnetic energy:  (1) First, there is externalized EM energy.  This is the normal “wave envelope” EM force field translation energy that acts externally upon each charged particle, to translate the particle as a single unit.  The resulting unitary changes (translations) of charged particles as wholes produce the normal EM interactions upon things and objects, as seen by the external observer.  Indeed, this process is external observation, and external observation is this process.  (2) Second, there is also internalized EM energy, where EM forces act in antiparallel pairs.  This EM stress energy pattern acts internally upon a charged particle or medium, specifically structuring the virtual particle flux exchange of the particle with the vacuum, or of the medium with the vacuum.  This vacuum exchange with the particle, of course, constitutes the charge of the particle.  The electric charge of a particle is due to the exchange of virtual photons between the vacuum and the mass of the particle.  Note that the Whittaker structure represents deterministic structuring of this vacuum exchange with the mass of the charged particle.  It represents deterministic structuring of massless electric flux itself, in electromagnetic terms, and this does not presently appear in electrical physics theory.  Instead, orthodox theory assumes that the structuring is random, when in fact it is not — from Whittaker’s work.  …  This undetected internalized EM energy that is infolded inside the scalar potential is electrogravitational energy” (Thomas E. Bearden, Gravitobiology, 1991, p.19.)

“Any change in the infolded Whittaker structuring of the local vacuum potential will gradually activate everything — virtual or observable — existing or moving locally through that region.” (Thomas E. Bearden, Gravitobiology, 1991, p.20.)

Hidden Order
“[T]he interactions of internalized EM stress energy transcends reductionism.  Then the whole is no longer just the sum of its parts, but also is changed and affected by the overall nonlinear interactions of its parts — both with each other and with the whole itself.  Then we indeed have a new holographic science whose true ordered nature does not presently appear to us through our crude “externalized energy” detectors except as chaos — the mysterious presence of hidden order in apparent randomness.  When such “randomness with hidden order” — chaos — is integrated and collected, surprising and unsuspected order emerges macroscopically.  …  However, quantum mechanically this implies that there exists hidden order even inside a single quantum of change.  That is, the hidden order is subquantal, hence virtual.  This tells us that the virtual state itself is ordered by Whittaker structured-potential methods.” (Thomas E. Bearden, Gravitobiology, 1991, pp.21-22.)

Life Force
“Again, it should be strongly accented that the true “living EM energy” of biological systems is internalized, infolded EM energy.  …  our health and our very lives depend upon it.” (Thomas E. Bearden, Gravitobiology, 1991, p.44.)  “Every creature continually contributes structures into the quantum potential for its own species, and the quantum potential for every species is part of the overall planetary quantum potential for all living things.  Every species has its own quantum potential, to which every action, movement, thought, or incident of, by, and to its members contributes a minute amount of substructuring.” (Thomas E. Bearden, Gravitobiology, 1991, p.45.)

“Successively deeper Whittaker potentials are nested inside the bio-potential for the cell, one for each next smaller level of interior structure.  The end result is that this cellular hierarchical structure continues directly down into and onto the nucleus of each atom composing that structure.  This is the manner in which the life of a living system is attached to, and activates, the physical matter of its body.  We have thus specified precisely what the living spirit of a body is.  …  Literally, the planet is a living being” (Thomas E. Bearden, Gravitobiology, 1991, p.46.)

“The external experiences being impulsively communicated back to the atomic nuclei from the species and it’s members thus continually diffuses on out into the surrounding vacuum potential.  The surrounding vacuum potential’s Whittaker structuring is continually activated by the Whittaker-structuring of the overall bio-potential of the individual animal.  Thus we have specified the specific mechanism for, and the form of, the long-sought “aura” of the living animal or person.  That aura is quite real, and it does exist.  Further, knowing what it is, we can now develop instruments to detect and record it, including systems to analyze its contents.  Let it be strongly pointed out here that we are talking physics, not mysticism.  On the other hand, we are most certainly not talking the present rank scientific materialism.  To state it in more theological terms, man is truly made in the image of his creator.  And the image of the creator is the quantum potential of the vacuum.  Further, Man — as is every other living thing created by the Creator — is always and forever in direct but hidden communication with the image of his Creator.  It is that image mechanism and its adaptive intervention that is the cause of all evolution.  The Creator indeed made man — and everything else — out of the dust of the earth.  And indeed he activated creation with the “breath of life”.  The new physics does not dispose of God; to the contrary, it marvelously and nondogmatically — and scientifically — reveals his ubiquitous presence and his ubiquitous hidden intervention.”  In doing so, the new physics also does away with the present scientific nonsense of dogmatic scientific materialism.  We are not robots and machines; we are living souls.  Our minds and our beings are not captured in the puny electrical discharges of our brains and nervous system, but in marvelous structures pervading the entire universe, everywhere, everywhen, in the internal Whittaker structure of every point in spacetime.  Each has spirit (that which motivates matter), and that spirit is a form in the Whittaker-structures of all the potentials of the universe.  Further, the spirit is eternal.  Destruction of the physical body does not alter the fact that the individual spiritual form and its every deed, thought, feeling, and experience exists for all eternity, in every part of the universe, directly in the form and image-potential of God.  We indeed are eternal, and our true self is nonmaterial and immortal.  The shabby treatment of our present scientific orthodoxy in attempting to deny us our spiritual heritage is refuted, and this refutation is scientifically testable.  We challenge the present dogmatism to practice scientific method and put it to legitimate experimental test.” (Thomas E. Bearden, Gravitobiology, 1991, p.47.)

Edited by Leif Erlingsson

PS: The Hidden Order described above implies what could be re-phrased “God is [still] greatest”.  I just wanted to point this out, for the religious among my readers.

by Leif Erlingsson

We are taught to follow the methods and maps that we have been educated with.  But that can NEVER give us new knowledge.  Only recycled stuff.  Possibly we will just repeat the errors of those that went before us.

Before knowledge is systematized, it is intuitive.  FIRST one goes to the Source — Intuition/Connection to the ‘field’.  THEN one seek what confirmation is possible from the most original ordinary sources possible.  And one experiments.  It is never the map that limit what is possible but rather what is possible that should result in later map-making.  Though our culture has this backwards, most of the time.

I told a Swedish Physics Scientist about an incident back in the 1970:s, where I almost tripped on a deep insight about what happens to the energy of two standing waves when they extinguish each other.  He later told others that I couldn’t have figured that out.  Presumably because he felt that I lacked the education.  In which case he completely missed the point.  I.e. it was precisely because I lacked the education that I was almost able to figure this out, had my self esteem only been better.  (The incident in question is described in the text “The Answer is in the Question“.)

I think this intuitive knowledge is very much related to predation.  Just KNOWING.

Leif Erlingsson

by Leif Erlingsson

The way you arrive at insights are essential to the result, are the result. My life experiences, like yours and yours and anybody’s, are essential to what I conclude from it all. There is not one among us, who’s life does not have something to add to our collective intelligence. Lucky for me, I have always intuitively understood this, and listened to all kinds of people from all walks of life. Unlucky for our culture, this is not the norm.

This blog will be about the fundamental stupidity of our culture, and what to do about it. And how I and others arrived at our conclusions, our way. More will follow.

Leif Erlingsson

by Leif Erlingsson
2008-08-31 08:08 (translated 2009-10-03 11:44)

I just awoke, 07:10, from a dream.  I had just begun an employment at a company, a company with visions.  It was in the a afternoon, and at 14:50 someone tells me that at 15:00 hours there will be a general meeting.  I go there.  It is the management that is speaking.  It is a good speech.  He also talks about the situation in the world, and a woman next to me looks shocked to have to hear this at work.  The speaker mentions a historical person, a Jesuit, who had corrected earlier misconception in science, and who apparently became a Pope as well.  I think in the dream of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, before I hear that he also was a Pope, mostly because I don’t know about so many other Jesuits that were scientists.  The Manager speaking is showing a picture of the latest that the company has become involved in.  One can see that it is something red, but one doesn’t really understand what it is.  It is a little secret as well.  It feels that he perhaps is finished.  We are allowed to pose questions.  Many hands in the air, mine also — I want to ask what this means for the future.  A number of other questioners receives answers to their questions, but no-one has answered my question.  A woman powerfully sums up that now with the story about this visionary pope, we can round off the first part of the lecture, and go on.

But my hand is still up, and I sit just some meters from the speaker.  I get the word.  I say that he will perhaps answer my questions in the second part of the lecture, but what I had wanted to ask was what this new meant for the future.

The speaker goes to the pulpit, that I hadn’t noticed before.  He suddenly excuses himself — perhaps he got an important message — and hastily leaves the auditorium.  I have — in the dream there was nothing strange about this — a moisted wiper in my hand.  While we wait for him to return I go to the pulpit and start to wipe it really clean and worthy our respected Company Manager, for when he return.

I realize that I ought to say something.  After all, people are shifting uneasily.  I say in the microphone that since the venue is booked and we are gathered, if the speaker doesn’t return, do you want to listen to my thoughts about the future?  And there I woke up, and went to the computer to write the dream down.

Leif Erlingsson
2008-08-31 08:08 (translated 2009-10-03 11:44)

About the translation:  Given that this was a dream, where insight is of course transmitted symbolically, I have been very careful to preserve the original Swedish flow of the text in the translation.  It is therefore more of a word for word translation than I’d normally do.

Dream 2008-09-01 (day after the above dream):
by Leif Erlingsson
2008-09-01 (translated 2009-10-04 08:48)

Woke up with a nightmare, my work-tools where taken away from me — my computer screen and keyboard — which in the dream together with expensive server computer was privately owned, but in the dream this was on a workplace where I as a consultant had my own equipment.

Leif Erlingsson
2008-09-01 (translated 2009-10-04 08:48)

Dream 2008-09-02:
by Leif Erlingsson
2008-09-02 (translated 2009-10-04 08:48)

Woke up with a nightmare, was travelling in a train, in the last car.  Was informed that it would be disconnected, that I was supposed to sit in the other part of the train.  Went out.  Realized that I must get my bags, did so — don’t know why I in the dream then went in a roundabout way (perhaps past a kiosk or station-hall) to the rest of the train, that by then had started to move.  I didn’t catch up, even if there was a platform in the back, if only I had had the strength to catch up.  Lacked the stamina, even though the train was accelerating so slowly.  Some meters short.

In todays horoscope for me in the Metro newspaper it says, western:  You have dificulty with getting things to work out as you’d wish.  Much will however correct itself.  Eastern:  The solution may come.

Leif Erlingsson
2008-09-02 (translated 2009-10-04 08:48)

The first dream is my Holy Contract — So I understand it.
by Leif Erlingsson
2009-10-04 (when translating the above dreams)

The second dream is what can happen if I don’t make timely changes in my life.  The third dream is about timely changes.  I tried desperately to understand how to correctly interpret the third dream in relation to changes we were considering — if the considered changes represented the roundabout or the catch up to the rest of the train.  Today I feel secure that they do not represent the roundabout — you see, we have now made the changes.  But today I also realized that my 15+ years as a LDS / Mormon between 1988 and 2004 also could be what the roundabout was about.  And I am now since some years doing a tremendous job of catch-up, but compared to where I’d been without the ‘Fundamentalist Roundabout Trip’, I probably have missed an important train in my life…

On the other hand, holographically, fractally, my life experience could be a map of the world experience, where the whole world has been on a roundabout instead of making needed changes, and now needing to do globally what I have mapped in my personal life; i.e., a tremendous job of catch-up with the timely changes.

Leif Erlingsson
2009-10-04 (when translating the above dreams)

by Leif Erlingsson

Originally published in Swedish, at

My schoolyears were difficult, due to me being a difficult student who did my own thinking, and therefore I often had a hard time understanding the teaching.  (Unfortunately, I then thought the error was in myself, and therefore developed bad self-esteem.)  I studied natural science subjects in Swedish High School in a four-year Electricity-Telecom/Natural science curriculum.  One day at the end of the 1970:s we read about standing waves, and how they can extinguish each other.  This applies to all forms of electromagnetic waves, but if one does it with polarized laser light, one can with one’s own eyes see it happen.  In my class it was however only discussed in theory.  In any case, I asked my teacher where the energy goes, when the waves extinguish each other.  I think he mumbled something about it perhaps being used up in the generators of the waves.  But he didn’t have a real answer.

An experiment with curved space-time but no measurable electromagnetism when two standing waves extinguish each other.

Standing waves in anti-phase kill each other
The whole of electromagnetism in classical science is a special case at flat space-time, a condition that doesn’t really exist.  Classical physics quite correctly state that two [equal but opposite] standing waves extinguish each other – see the illustration.  But it has no answer to where the energy goes.  My High School teacher was uncomfortable, and answered avoidingly.  Thomas E. Bearden says (“Fer de Lance” pp. 229-230 (2002 edition)) that it curves space-time, creates mass and gravitation, etc.  Cool.  :)  Physically, a standing gravitational wave is created, where the energy is pulsating according to the sum of the absolute values of the two extinguished standing waves.  Which is an example of scalar resonance.  Because where the resulting standing gravitational wave is, there is also mass and inertia as a result of the two space-time curvings from the two extinguished waves.

It’s not just a cool thing that space-time curvings can be created this easily (see fantastic illustration in “Fer de Lance” pp. 187-189 (2002 edition)), because with strong space-time curving follows strong non-linear effects.  (According to Bearden – “Fer de Lance” pp. 229-230 (2002 edition) – among the effects, the energy density of the vacuum becomes larger in one of the half-cycles and less in the next.  Time faster in the one than in the next.  The one appears to have more negative electric charge than the next.  The one appears to have more of a magnetic north pole, and the next a magnetic south pole.).  And ‘free energy’ therefore becomes scientifically possible, since it is only in the special case ‘flat space-time’ that these effects are impossible/ruled out.  Classical science just lacks the physical models for calculating these exiting phenomena, since science has huge holes in this regard.  Science have simply abstained from creating these models starting from Maxwell’s original and highly complex model.  (Reference: “Errors And Omissions In The CEM/EE Model” by Thomas E. Bearden.  (Papersaving printout version.)  Much of this physics are found at and at .)

When I write “science” obviously I am referring to school science, those who play according to the scientific establishment’s rulebook for grants and status.  In my opinion, Thomas E. Bearden’s results are very useful to [begin to] calculate on the other type of Maxwell-Heaviside systems, those systems that are far from equilibrium with their active environment (like e.g. the active vacuum; that “stressed virtual plasma” that identically IS the vacuum and identically IS spacetime; length, time, frame, mass, etc.).  (The first kind, the one in equilibrium, naturally cannot be used for ‘free energy’, and those who claim that ‘free energy’ is impossible also imagine that this is the only kind of possible system, if they at all know why they believe as they do.  Their only excuse is that it is Lorentz fault, since this man arbitrarily removed the other kind.)  (Reference: pp. 105-114, “Energy from the Vacuum: Concepts & Principles” by Thomas E. Bearden.  Also pp. 7-11 “Errors And Omissions In The CEM/EE Model” by Thomas E. Bearden.  (Papersaving printout version.))

But, one asks oneself, how has science managed to miss such obvious things, that a simple High School student with bad self esteem almost tripped on in Skåne, Sweden of the 1970:s?  Perhaps it helps to hear that already in 1919 the inventor of alternating current asked himself something similar (Nikola Tesla, “The True Wireless,” Electrical Experimenter, May 1919), when he described this [kind of] blindness as “one of the most remarkable and inexplicable aberrations of the scientific mind which has ever been recorded in history.”  (Copied from page 117 of “Energy from the Vacuum: Concepts & Principles” by Thomas E. Bearden.)

Perhaps I’ll now loose some of those readers who’ve come this far, when I speculate that there must be some deeper reason behind this fantastic obliviousness to the obvious, for more than a century.  In Crisis of Imagination (2007-12-05) I wrote that “Our present societal system has a compelling reason for not allowing science and technology or healing science that builds on life principles and creation forces, namely the defense of its very existence”, etc.  But the more I have pondered, the deeper I sense that it may be.  Now it becomes pure speculation, but suppose this our Earth is a cosmic experiment in limitation — so that we as eternal spiritual creatures here in the physical will have an opportunity to experience fear, in order to be able to get a really wild kick!  The Earth as A Cosmic Horror Movie! :)  Then the extreme resistance against ‘destroying the horror show’ that is energy crisis, claimed climate crisis, environmental pollution, war, etc. would no longer be so completely incomprehensible.  As said, this is speculation on my part, but I haven’t been able to find any other explanation.  And if it’s not to mess with the Horror Movie that we are in, that man loves the lies and hates the truth, then I think enough is enough already!

Appended for system believers.

The resistance from the system against energy solutions based on disequilibrium systems with spacetime can be exemplified through a statement in 2002 by The American Physical Society condemning ‘perpetual motion machines’.  (Reference: p. 26, “Energy from the Vacuum: Concepts & Principles” by Thomas E. Bearden.  Quote: “The American Physical Society has recently issued a statement condemning perpetual motion machines”  Disequilibrium systems are of course not ‘perpetual motion machines’, but the effect of the condemnation is that one should not think it possible to obtain cost free energy from the spacetime.  Which possibility has been proven for every charge [in the universe] since Lee and Yang in 1957 experimentally proved broken symmetry, which they the same year was awarded the Nobel Price for.  Therefore classical electromagnetism in fact builds on the idea that every electrical charge is precisely one of those condemned ‘perpetual motion machines’.  While Bearden show how they are not at all perpetual motion machines, but rather disequilibrium systems with the spacetime.  Isn’t it absurd and ironic — the opponents of ‘perpetual motion machines’ are in reality the only ones defending the absurdity.  Bearden also points this out in the continuation of the quote on page 26, which reads: “ — yet society’s members continue to condone and use a classical EM model that assumes every charge in the universe to continuously be creating energy from nothing.  Even the American Physical Society has not recognized what broken symmetry of opposite charges means with respect to the common dipole and dipolarity in every circuit.)

I also quote the national economist and political scientist Jens Jerndal in “Vakna Sverige! Framtiden är här – En bok om Sveriges kris och det pågående paradigmskiftet” [Wake up Sweden! The Future is here — A book about Sweden’s crisis and the ongoing paradigm shift/my own translation], that was published in 1997, p. 272, my translation:

What few people know or even want to know, is that many ingenious inventions, both in the fields of energy and in medicine, has — with pure mafia-methods — been repressed and stopped from being used by them who make their fortunes on the old and harmful methods.  Among countless examples that could be presented, I here just want to mention one single typical case.
    Edwin V. Gray from Los Angeles in the USA invented a magnetically powered electrical motor which, following a battery start, itself produce enough energy to continue to run efficiently, in principle for ever, without further addition of energy.  Gray was nominated to ‘Inventor of the Year’ by the Los Angeles Patent Attorney’s Association.  Several prominent PhD:s of Technology praised the invention and one of them explained that it was a revolutionary and unique achievement.
    The Gray motor would — as far as I have understood — be able to be used for the propulsion of cars and other transport systems.  It requires no fuel and it emits no exhaust or other pollution.
    Gray was awarded U.S. patent no. 3.890.548.  Did then authorities, energy companies and car manufacturers throw themselves over the invention in order to find out if it could help them alleviate both the energy crisis and the environmental issues?  Not so.  The truth will likely come as a chock to most.  This is what happened:
    In July 1974 the Los Angeles District Attorney raided the Gray premises, confiscated his prototype, drawings and research notes and charged him on a number of accounts on false grounds.  Gray’s lawyers tried everything in order to retrieve his confiscated possessions, to no avail.  Through forcing Gray to astronomical legal fees, and trough preventing him from all further manufacturing, they brought him into bankruptcy and prevented his invention from being used.
    The Gray case is far from the only one.  There are dozens of similar cases just in the USA, both in energy and in medicine.
    One possibility to bypass these formidable obstacles for a positive development of the science of the new paradigm — for which the preconditions have long been extant — is that a little independent and internationally respected country like Sweden take on the task of introducing the new knowledge so that it becomes public property and no longer can be kept secret by mob-sponsored public repression in the home country of the inventor.  In this connection the Internet can be among the factors playing a new and deciding role in the service of progress.

Sad to say, I think that professor Jerndal grossly overrated Sweden’s independence.  But what can be done with the Internet, that is up to YOU, dear reader!

Leif Erlingsson

[The following appendixes to the original swedish language article are included for completeness, but not translated.  — Leif Erlingsson, 2009-04-03.]

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